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Fire & Light Glassware
Do you give tours of the Fire & Light studio?
  Yes. Tours can be arranged by emailing or by calling 800.844.2223. Tours are by appointment only and usually are done at 10am, 12 noon or 2pm.
How do I care for my purchases? Are they food safe? Are they dishwasher safe? Can I use them in the microwave oven?

All of our glass is lead free and safe in the dishwasher.

Extreme changes in temperature may cause our glass to crack. Do not use in a microwave oven. Boiling hot liquids should never be poured into any of our glass. Sometimes glass plates can feel cold to the touch. Plates can be gradually warmed by placing them in a conventional oven and then turning the oven on the lowest possible setting to gradually warm the plate.

Intense heat may cause a candleholder to crack if the flame is allowed to burn below the rim. Use tea light candles or never allow a candle to burn down less than an inch from the glass.

How is Fire & Light glassware made and what makes it so unique?
  Fire & Light products are handmade by skilled craftsmen utilizing the same techniques handed down through generations of artisans. Fire & Light products are made by people. This handmade, handcrafted feature is what makes Fire & Light products both unique and desirable. Slight variations in size and color, streaks in color, bubbles, uneven rims and other slight irregularities are all characteristics of truly handcrafted one-of-a-kind products. Seven of Fire & Light's nine colors contain over 90% recycled glass. Due to color sesitivity, we are only able to use 1-4% recycled glass in our lavender and citrus colors.
What is the difference between First and Second Quality?

The nature of our handmade glassware is such that each individually made item will have its own character and will contain minor imperfections and variations from piece to piece. All Fire & Light glassware must meet specific quality control standards for size, weight, height and shape. It is then qualified to be sold as a first or second quality item. Second quality items simply meet a slightly more relaxed standard but are equally as durable as our first quality items.

Due to their nature, seconds are not available for sale online. Second Quality glassware is available at our weekly Showroom Seconds Sale held in Arcata, CA on Fridays & Saturdays from 9AM - 5PM. We offer 30-60% off of our retail prices at our sales. A great way to keep informed on what items and colors will be in the Showroom that weekend, check our Facebook page on Thursday afternoons. Or, feel free to call our office at 707-825-7500.

Why are there differences in the sizes of the same item?
  The measurements given for all glass pieces are approximate. No two handmade pieces are identical, and since all of our glassware is handmade, the sizes will not be exact.
Will you ever discontinue a Fire & Light item?
  Fire & Light may retire a piece, which means that a certain size or design may become discontinued and removed from production. We strive to communicate the discontinuation of an item long before we deplete our inventory. We do this in an attempt to provide sufficient time for our patrons to complete their collections or replace cherished items.