wedding registry

To create your Wedding or Gift Registry through MyRegistry.com, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to "Shop Now" at the top of the Navigation Menu on our Homepage.
  • Find the first item you would like to place in your Wedding/Gift Registry.
  • Instead of clicking "Add to cart," click "Add to MyRegistry." A window will pop-up that asks you to fill-out some information about yourself and will make your registry searchable by friends and family.
  • After you have added your item to your registry, remember to note what color you will want in that item, as the color is not automatically selected for you. You may be directed back to Fire & Light to add more items, or you may log out of your registry.
  • When friends or family search for and find your registry, they will have the option to purchase your item(s) and mark on your Registry that they have purchased this item. That way, there will not be duplicate items purchased.

To find a friend or family member's Wedding or Gift Registry:

  • Go to MyRegistry.com
  • Search in the "Find a Registry" box at the top of the screen.
  • Click on "View Registry" on the right hand side of your friend or family member's name.
  • Find the item you would like to purchase, and click "View or Buy this Gift."
  • A box will pop-up and you may click "View or Buy" to be redirected to Fire & Light to purchase the item.
  • If you purchase an item, please remember to click "Yes," after it asks "Did you buy it?" so that the registrant does not receive duplicate items from their registry!
  • You will have a chance to notify the registrant of your purchase by sending an email or printing a card. You may tell the registrant what you have purchased, or you may mark it "It's a surprise!"

Happy Shopping!