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Glass Fall Leaves (Set of four) 2 1/2" Small Heart - Scarlet Swirl Banana Slug
Banana Slug
Our Price: $25.00
We have made a NEW set of Fire & Light Glass Fall Leaves. Each set consists of four glass leaves one each in Citrus, Copper, Plum and Olive. The leaves come in a sheer bag and cost $30 for the set of four. Each leaf is 2 1/2" x 2'' and approximately 1/2" thick. Sorry, but no substitutions for colors. Happy Fall!
A perfect gift for your loved one on Valentines day, an anniversary or any special day; this beautiful little heart adds a spark of color to any room Place it on a window sill and watch it capture and reflect the light. Hand Made in the USA. Glass Banana Slugs for all the people who grew up seeing this species in your gardens and parks from Alaska to Santa Cruz
Redwood Tree 11" Wide-Lipped Bowl Seascape Cool Salad Set
Redwood Tree
Our Price: $25.00
Cool Salad Set
Our Price: $130.00
Homage to the majestic trees that make our Northwest landscape so unique
5 1/2'' x 2 1/2''
This bowl is stunning when displayed alone or when filled with fresh fruits or floating candles. With substantial walls shaped to perfection, this exceptional glasswork brings elegance to any setting. Hand finished to a lustrous sheen, it is  perfect for awards and recognitions when etched with a name or message. The Fire & Light Wide-Lipped Bowl adorns board rooms, government halls and well know institutions around the country. Hand Made in the USA Cool color combination salad bowl set would be $160 if bought separately. Perfect for a starter set or for a special occasion gift.

Includes: 1 Cobalt 11'' Big Bowl and 4 6'' Small Bowls (1 each) in Aqua, Cobalt, Celery, Lavender
Copper and Glass Fall Leaves

Hand crafted Copper and Glass leaves just in time for Fall.

Fire & Light's NEW Fall Leaves are made of Copper AND Glass. Each leaf is cut from high grade copper foil, then individually molded to create a distinct leaf pattern. The embossed copper leaf is then covered with molten glass, shaped, and fire polished. The glass and copper are fused, annealed and again hand polished to produce a beautiful shiny leaf with a warm reddish orange hue.

Every leaf is expertly crafted entirely by hand and unlike anything else

Available in Copper and Olive and Citrus

2'' x 3''